Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year

Where did the year go? It’s already 2009 and with a new year brings a new job. I recently left Ogden PD for a department a little closer to home. (And looking at the news recently with regards to OPD the timing couldn't have been better.)

I am very happy with my new department. Whenever you start on a police department you start on a program called "Field Training Officer" or FTO. I am paired with a veteran officer for several weeks that shows you the ropes of the city and how things are done.

This process has been a little easier for me since I already have road experience. Instead of learning the laws I am learning department policy and their different style of report writing. I'm two months into it and almost on my own.

Murray is SOOOO much better than Ogden. All my equipment was issued to me, I’m driving a new Crown Vic with LED light bar, not as busy but still have some “good” calls so I’m not totally bored, and everyone is very helpful and willing to answer “rookie” questions.

Before I felt I couldn’t say or ask certain questions and there was only a select group of people that I felt like I could trust and talk to. I have yet to meet an officer that hasn’t been willing to help me out and show me the ropes. It’s been great.

The other new thing for me is I FINALLY got my Associates Degree from Weber State (and just under a decade). With my various work schedules I haven’t always been able to attend school every semester or even go full time. I’ve been doing a lot of on-line classes. Six years and several thousand dollars later I got my A.S. in Criminal Justice. Go me!